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Performance Driver -  an activity or action that directly influences the success of the business or the achievement of an organizational goal.  They can influence the ongoing success of the business for those objectives which are constant (such as are common in Sales, Operations or Customer Service to maintain the long-term success of the organization), or the achievement of specific objectives (such as those associated with new initiatives, projects or objectives).  The term Performance Driver was made common and further described within the book: The Performance Power Grid.
Perpetual Budget -  is a budget process that continuosly extends as each period in the budget process ends.  This type of budgeting process is considered to be more reactive to the changing needs of the business because it is not restricted to an annual process--the organization creates a budget for each upcoming period as that period is approached.  In practical application future periods are planned (as in the Budget, Planning & Forecasting process) on a rolling basis (for example, 6 future periods could be planned and "locked down" and the following 6 months are planned but then adjusted as they near.  This type of budgeting process is considered superior because it makes the budget process more relevant to the business than a once per year effort.

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Big Social Mobile offers the first enterprise-spanning view of how today’s most influential digital initiatives can be used to go far beyond the typical, segregated marketing and technology initiatives generating limited returns, to reshape how companies operate, interact with customers, acquire new customers, markets and market segments, understand their position among competitors, unify traditional and big data and information across the physical and digital landscapes, and leverage their social communities to create tangible business results.  This is the future of how companies will operate and interact with the market.  Drawn together from some of the most complex information-based engagements, industry analysis and case studies, the highly anticipated book not only explains the benefits and risks, the tools and techniques, but also provides a step-by-step program for how companies can become truly Big Social Mobile.

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Starbucks, Amazon, Dunkin’ Donuts, PR Newswire, Facebook, Triple-A, Comedy Central, Yahoo, Verizon, United Airlines, Wal-Mart, National Oil, Seattle City Light, FujiFilm USA, Secret, Giant Eagle, Symbolics, WhoIs, MySpace and more

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