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Organizational leaders have been led to believe that they must re-create their organization to capitalize on today’s latest digital trends: big data, social media and mobile technology. They launch expensive initiatives, hire top technical people and aim to reinvent the company as highly-social, highly-mobile and big data friendly. And they’re invariably disappointed with the results.

Welcome to the Big Social Mobile Enterprise

Big Social Mobile offers the first enterprise-spanning view of how today’s most influential digital initiatives can be used to go far beyond the typical, segregated marketing and technology initiatives generating limited return, to reshape how companies operate, interact with customers, acquire new customers, markets and market segments, understand their position among competitors, unify traditional and big data and information across the physical and digital landscapes, and leverage their social communities to create tangible business results.  This is the future of how companies will operate and interact with the market.  Drawn together from some of the most complex information-based engagements, industry analysis and case studies, Big Social Mobile not only explains the benefits and risks, the tools and techniques, but also provides a step-by-step program for how companies can become Big Social Mobile Enterprises.

  • Big data, social media and mobile technology integrated into each other, and into the core functions of the organization
  • Each working to creating tangible business results: increased revenue and profit, reduced expense, improved operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Social going beyond just marketing, mobile beyond developers and big data beyond IT to open new sales channels, enter new markets, target new customers  and incrementally grow sales at virtually no cost to the enterprise
  • Provide a consistent experience to consumers regardless of what medium, channel, process or technology they use to interact with the organization
  • Track and interact with consumers seamlessly across both physical and digital landscapes
  • Understand key segments of your social community–customers, prospects, influencers, partners & competitors–track their behavior to determine what is most beneficial to your organization, and then adapt the organization to solicit these behaviors from them
  • Traditional enterprise data combined with social and mobile data–big data–all integrated to provide one consistent store of information available throughout the entire enterprise as the core for strategic and tactical decision-making

Case Studies: Starbucks, Amazon, Dunkin’ Donuts, PR Newswire, Nielson, Facebook, Domino’s Pizza, Triple-A, Comedy Central, Yahoo, Verizon, United Airlines, Wal-Mart, National Oil, Seattle City Light, FujiFilm USA, Secret, Golden Eagle, Symbolics, WhoIs, MySpace and others

Industry features, including: Retail, Finance, Software, Energy, Insurance, Photography & Imaging Consumer Goods, Deal-of-the-Day, Rental Cars, Accounting, NCAA & college basketball, and others


Big Social Mobile is a valuable guide for learning to think critically and holistically about how marketing, public relations, and social interactions can go well beyond their traditional roles. This is necessary reading for succeeding in today’s ever-more integrated world

Ken Wincko, SVP of Marketing, PR Newswire

Big Social Mobile is must-read for everyone from small business managers to corporate executives—read it and learn... or you will be left behind.

Omer Artun, CEO, AgilOne

Big Social Mobile reveals Giannetto’s unique and comprehensive view of how technology influences and enables behaviors—a view seldom contemplated by other authors and practitioners.

Scott McNulty, Founder of IOEngine and BIOPTid

Giannetto’s book will serves as an invaluable guide to a key aspect of any corporate strategy: engaging with, understanding, and responding to customers using modern tools.

Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure

a game-changing blueprint providing decision-makers with a well-thought-out guide to how to win in today's data-driven world. This book takes these topics beyond marketing and is for anyone in business who wants to remain competitive.

Byron Mignanelli, CEO, Global Strategic Management Institute

a must read on how to use these evolving technologies and methods to achieve a competitive edge while avoiding the pitfalls they often present.

Gary Cokins, Founder, Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC and co-author of Business Predictive Analytics

a great springboard to a mobile first approach and will help readers guide their companies into the future.

Irfan Mohammed, Co-founder, Personagraph