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Giannetto to contribute to Nat’l Wildlife Federation Book

By March 21, 2014News

National_Wildlife_FederationI’m happy to be contributing to the upcoming National Wildlife Federation book called “Animals that Make Me say Ouch!”.

While traveling in Alaska I was fortunate enough to take an amazing series of photographs of two Bald Eagles locked in aerial combat.  The event only lasted a few seconds as an older Bald Eagle chased down a younger one and attacked, locking claws and ripping at feathers while they dropped together, spinning down towards the ground.  They eventually pulled apart and went their separate ways, but it is a moment I will always remember and probably the best wildlife photographs I’ve ever taken.  It is wonderful to be involved with an organization that has such an important mission–and also to finally be involved in a children’s book project.

More to come as the project progresses.  And perhaps someday I’ll share the entire series on the web with you.

To learn about the National Wildlife Federation and the good work they do: http://www.nwf.org/