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David Giannetto Wildlife Photography Featured in New National Wildlife Federation Book

By January 17, 2015News

Giannetto animals ouchDavid Giannetto’s Wildlife Photography Featured in New Children’s Book: Animals That Make Me Say Ouch!

NEW JERSEY, Jan. 17 2015/BSM.com/ — Business thought-leader and author David F. Giannetto isn’t the first person you’d expect to have wildlife photography published in a new children’s book entitled Animals That Make We Say Ouch! Fierce Fangs, Stinging Spines, Scary Stares, and More by Dawn Cusick (National Wildlife Federation). First, he is best known as a business theory writer for Palgrave Macmillan, Wiley & Sons, Huffington Post and the American Management Association. Second, as the author of the NJCH Book of the Year nominated, The Decoy Artist (Pelican), and son of one of the nation’s most treasured decoy carvers, he’s known for award-winning photographs of waterfowl–not Bald Eagles locked in combat as they plummet towards the ground.

“Growing up in my family you can’t help but have waterfowl in your blood,” says Giannetto, sitting in a living room where waterfowl decoys line book cases and rest on end tables. “My father’s passion for decoy carving and waterfowling was a part of our every day life. We always had ducks in a pond out back; we loved spending time in his shop while he carved; we spent weekends at decoy shows; we were always out on the water looking for them. But it really goes much further than that. My father’s passion is wildlife itself, and the pursuit of it–that’s what comes out in his carvings and makes him so collectible. How could I not be excited to be included in NWF’s new book?”

What few know is that Giannetto is an accomplished wildlife photographer, with his work winning awards and published in national magazines over the past decade. He covers a wide range of wildlife, and more recently, through his close relationship with Amy Howard Dressage, horses involved in the equestrian sport of dressage. But regardless of the subject, his photographs are known for seeking out that same intimate look into the animal’s spirit that has become the hallmark of his father Vincent Giannetto III‘s style.

“Time spent watching waterfowl through a lens is time spent examining something that defines and connects me to my father, a uniquely American art form and a way of life,” says David Giannetto. “That’s why I stepped away from business theory when everyone wanted a follow-up to my first business book and didn’t come back to it until this year. In The Decoy Artist (released in 2010), I hoped to tell the story of what drove men like my father to pursue a passion that is at such odds with the information and technology I work with and write about.  It’s a passion that runs through my very DNA.”

About David Giannetto: David F. Giannetto is widely recognized as one of the most influential thought-leaders at the intersection of all things information. Working with some of today’s leading brands he provides both the technology and methodology necessary to create, understand and utilize information to improve performance. He has been listed as a thought-leader by the American Management Association, Business Finance Magazine and Consumer Goods Technology Magazine and is the author of Big Social Mobile (Palgrave Dec 2014) and the award winning The Performance Power Grid (Wiley, 2006). He is an award-winning wildlife photographer and decoy carver. He is a writer for the American Management Association and the Huffington Post, and is SVP at Salient Management Company. For more information visit: www.davidgiannetto.com

 About Vincent Giannetto III: In 2004, Hunting & Fishing Collectables Magazine called Vincent Giannetto III, the custodian of the Delaware River gunning style decoy, writing: “since the early 1970s he has been… defining (its) style, taking it to new levels of both form and function.” He earned this reputation as a teenager, falling in love with the river and mixing in with men that were back then thought of as simple river rats – men that made their living entirely from the river itself. As a result, his work has taken on a look and feel that is uniquely his own, and has been called carving “born from a love of the outdoors, from respect and affection for game, and from a recognition that nature’s beauty is something worth preserving.” Five decades later he is one of a dying breed, one of the last original hunter-carvers that make a living solely from the river and its craft. He has become one of today’s most collectible carvers, winning ribbons at nearly every carving competition in the country and been displayed in private collections, museums, the Christmas windows of Rockefeller Center, NYC, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. and our nation’s White House. His life story and over one-hundred of his decoys were displayed in a year-long exhibit that ran at both the Tuckerton Seaport, NJ, and at the Upper Bay Museum, MD. For more information visit: www.ducksandsuch.com

For more information, contact PR@davidgiannetto.com or 1-908-797-9306 or visit DavidGiannetto.com.