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David Giannetto Interview – CFO Thought Leader

By April 16, 2015Interviews, Media

CFOTLGiannetto interview on Finance’s role in social media, mobile technology and big data

Big Social Mobile author David Giannetto (@dgiannetto) sat down with Jack Sweeney (@CFOTL), host of one of today’s most successful podcasts, to discuss his new book and how finance is reacting to the arrival of big data, social media and mobile technology, and how it can be used to drive business results inside your organization.

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Driving Change: The Ah-Hah! Moment – Excerpt

GIANNETTO: The good news for most organizations is they probably already have all three initiatives, at least any sizeable organization.  Some smaller organizations might not have mobile initiatives yet but that’s inevitable as well.  So, when I’m working with organizations, I’m trying to get them to think that things really haven’t changed.  Financial leaders have always had to balance priority.  And the good ones take a very clear look at what this initiative is going to do for the business, because they hold information relative to that profit equation and if the organization isn’t profitable in the long term, it’s not going to be around that long.  Social, mobile, big data, these things consume a lot of resources, there’s a lot of technology coming in that’s being brought there.  It’s all very expensive.

So, you have to really look at those specialized practitioners in the eye and say to them for example, what is this going to get the business because a friend, a follower or a fan is not the same thing as a customer, and they’re going to find that very intimidating, a very challenging question because big data, social media and mobile practitioners really have never been challenged to answer the question of what’s the ROI on their efforts.


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