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David Giannetto 2016 Contributing Columnist in Strictly Marketing Magazine

By January 9, 2016Columns, News

stricklymarketingmagazineDavid Giannetto will launch a new column for Strictly Marketing Magazine entitled Future Marketing-becoming big social mobile

Kicking off in the March edition of Strictly Marketing Magazine, David Giannetto, Big Social Mobile author, will launch a new column focused on practical, everyday use of today’s latest marketing trends and technologies–all with a focus on driving tangible result–more customers, higher revenue, increased profit.


David provides his personal perspective on the changing role of marketing, and how marketing professionals are now finding themselves at the center of what he calls a “Big Social Mobile Enterprise,” responsible for combining a variety of new digital initiatives–everything from big data, to social media to mobile technology and traditional advertising and campaigns–that will connect their company to an increasingly more powerful and sophisticated “social consumer.”

He will provide a behind the scenes look into how today’s best, most progressive companies are using the latest marketing trends and technology to understand, leverage and influence consumer behavior in a way that were never before possible. This column is sure to become your best ally to convince leaders throughout your organization that these digital initiatives can do more than generate friends, data and download–they are the secret to generating new customers, more revenue and winning in a new social economy.

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