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NHL Flyers Fans Demonstrate Consumer Power

3-26-2014 4-14-56 PM

A great example of how much power consumers have gained in the Corporate-Consumer Relationship.  

Companies are no longer completely in-charge of their brand image.  See this example of how things can go horribly wrong when passionate fans  use the power of open social media to expose the bad behavior of a brand seeking to gain some media attention.  The moral? Make sure you’re ready to answer hard questions about your organization and its performance before you go public.  OH, and don’t mess with Flyers fans (of which I am one!). #AskNeal @FlyersNation

The original story–complete with copies of tweets here at CrossingBroad.com: http://www.crossingbroad.com/2014/03/the-penguins-askneal-twitter-hashtag-went-horribly-wrong.html