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David Giannetto in MobileFOMO – your smartphone is not your friend

By February 12, 2015Articles

mobilefomo-logoDavid Giannetto in MobileFOMO on why your smart phone is not your friend

Check out the new article by David Giannetto (@dgiannetto) in MobileFOMO: Why Your Mobile Phone is Not Your Friend.

EXCERPT (opening):  Everyone knows their cell phone is collecting an amazing amount of information, correlating their every digital action to the environment surrounding them, but few understand just how deep their mobile device’s insight into who they are goes—not just what you do (what we assume apps are collecting) but who you are.  Consider these increasingly more complex ways it is gathering information about you, your behavior, your personality and even your emotional state.

Read the full article here: http://mobilefomo.com/2015/02/mobile-phone-not-friend/