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David Giannetto writes for Janrain – Big Data–Big Deal?

By February 18, 2015Articles

Giannetto-Blog-Post-2-imageDavid Giannetto demystifies big data

In preparation for tomorrow’s webinar David Giannetto provides the blunt clarity he is often known for when it comes to demystifying the latest management myths and technology trends.  Still confused by the real use of big data?  Read this blog post and then join the Janrain webinar to learn more about how companies are using today’s latest digital trends–big data, social media and mobile technology–to create tangible business results

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Tired of the hype surrounding big data? I am. You should be too. Don’t let the hype fool you. It isn’t as impressive as it sounds. Here’s why… [CONTINUE READING] at http://janrain.com/blog/big-data-big-deal/?src=Social&lsd=twitter&cnm=Webinar%20Digital%20Divide&utm_campaign=webinar-digital-divide&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter

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