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David Giannetto exclusive for CMO.com

By April 25, 2015Articles

CMO_400x400David Giannetto on how to sell social to the business

Are you a marketer or social practicitioner trying to get the rest of the organization behind your digital initiative–or an executive wishing you social analyst could? This latest article by Big Social Mobile author David Giannetto will give you the keys to success. Check it out in the exlusive section of CMO.com HERE.

EXCERPT: The move to break digital marketing out of the marketing department is on. But so far it’s been challenging to make this vision—and the higher ROI it brings—a reality. The common approach is heavy on platforms, hashtags, and the best time to tweet, but light on true business integration. The result is more followers, downloads, and data, but few outcomes that earn respect from the business, placing marketers in a precarious position as the desire for a hard ROI from these digital initiatives becomes mainstream… [read more]

Full article link: http://www.cmo.com/articles/2015/4/21/how-to-sell-digital-marketing-to-the-business-and-win.html