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David Giannetto for ADOTAS – Digital versus Traditional Advertising

By May 29, 2015Articles


Will Digital Advertising Force Traditional Advertising To Find Its New, True Mission?

Perhaps no other traditional method has been more undermined by digital marketing than advertising. Contextual Marketing, Associative Marketing, and Micro-Marketing (all techniques defined within Giannetto’s Big Social Mobile) are just a few of the new techniques that make the mass distribution method of advertising too old-school to remain effective. But is there a change in consumer behavior that can make advertising valuable in the new social economy? There is–and David Giannetto explains in this new article for ADOTAS.

EXCEPT: The value of traditional advertising is under heavy siege. The maturation of the Internet, with its focus on banner ads and click-through rates, plus the trend towards personalization and companies’ use of social media as discounting and couponing platforms all but finished the job. But there’s one role that traditional advertising should focus on… [CONTINUE READING]

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