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David Giannetto for Digital Marketing Magazine – The Omni-Experience

By June 2, 2015Articles

Ddmm-logo4avid Giannetto Explains the “Omni-Experience” Defined in Big Social Mobile

David Giannetto introduced the term, and the concept, of Omni-Experience in his latest book: Big Social Mobile. He explains how an omni-channel approach (defined as creating a consistent experience for customers or prospects during all digital interactions) is actually holding companies back. What social consumers expect is an “omni-experience”: a consistent experience for all consumers during every interaction, via any medium. It’s just one of the new approaches to interacting with consumers that Big Social Mobile has brought to the market.

He’s further explained how this works in an article with Janrain’s Russell Loarridge for Digital Marketing Magazine.

EXCERPT: Brands know the importance of delivering a consistent customer experience across every channel. Few, however, have yet to determine just how to realise that strategy. Critically, companies are failing to join the on- and offline worlds. While many are attempting to create a consistent online experience, when the consumer interacts with the brand in a shop, via customer service or even on social media, it is clear the company has no understanding of needs or motivations. [READ MORE]

Direct Link: http://digitalmarketingmagazine.co.uk/customer-experience/realising-the-omni-experience-vision/1990