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David Giannetto on the iWatch & Consumer Behavior

By June 22, 2015Articles

ect-logoDavid Giannetto comments on outrageous iWatch profit margins for eCommerce Times

Apple’s failure to report iWatch sales, consumer reaction to outrageous profit margins and how to measure profitability on a wearable — eCommerce Times writer Quiten Plummer gets comments from Big Social Mobile author David Giannetto. Read the article HERE.

Full link: http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/82201.html

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About Quinten Plummer: a longtime technology reporter and an avid PC gamer who explored local news for a few years, covering law enforcement and government beats, before returning to writing about things run by ones and zeros and the people who make them. If it pushes pixels or improves lives, he wants to learn all he can about it.