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David Giannetto in Venturebeat – Data-Driven Marketing

By January 5, 2016Articles

venture-beat-pressDavid Giannetto article in Venturebeat: 4 steps to achieve data-driven marketing

As a follow-up to the Advanced Marketing Customer Analytics webinar for Venturebeat, David Giannetto, Big Social Mobile author, provides step-by-step insight into how to create data-driven marketing within your own organization.

Excerpt: If you attended the recent VB Marketing Analytics roundtable with Foursquare CRO Steven Rosenblatt, VentureBeat Analyst Jon Cifuentes, and myself, chances are you’re feeling a bit intimidated by the data-driven future of marketing we presented. You aren’t alone. It isn’t that journey mapping, situational-segmentation, or micro-marketing are techniques you can’t wrap your head around; it’s that they seem impossible to actually implement within your own company….. Read the full article        

Full Link: http://venturebeat.com/2015/12/30/future-marketing-4-steps-to-achieve-data-driven-marketing-webinar-recap/

View a replay of the webinar HERE (note: you must fill out form).