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Webinar 2/19 – Janrain

By February 11, 2015Previous Events

webinar-digital-divide-landingDavid Giannetto will join Janrain on a special webex
2/19  at 1:00pm Eastern

 Bridging the Digital Divide: Integrating Social Data into the Enterprise


Since the dawn of the “digital age” some decades ago, many marketers have fully embraced the opportunities that this unprecedented means of customer interaction affords—and often at the expense of the realities of the traditional enterprise. As the infatuation with digital persists and grows, it’s critical that marketing leaders push the conversation into the rest of their organizations. Valuable customer data exists at all levels of the organization—but the marketers who can make “big data” a C-Suite imperative will ultimately realize the bottom line benefits of prioritizing customer insights.

Join us on Thursday, February 19, for a live webinar presentation by industry thought-leader and author of the new book, Big Social Mobile: How Digital Initiatives Can Reshape the Enterprise and Drive Business Results, David Giannetto. With guest moderator Jeffrey Hayzlett, David will explore why bridging the digital and physical world is the most effective approach for marketers looking to create an integrated, customer-centric organization.

The first 50 webinar registrants* will receive a free copy of David’s book, “Big Social Mobile.”