Big Social Mobile, David F. Giannetto

Big Social Mobile How Digital Initiatives can Reshape the Enterprise and Drive Business Results

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Welcome to the Big Social Mobile Enterprise

Big Social Mobile offers the first enterprise-spanning view of how today’s most influential digital initiatives can be used to go far beyond the typical, segregated marketing and technology initiatives generating limited returns, to reshape how companies operate, interact with customers, acquire new customers, markets and market segments, understand their position among competitors, unify traditional and big data and information across the physical and digital landscapes, and leverage their social communities to create tangible business results.  This is the future of how companies will operate and interact with the market.  Drawn together from some of the most complex information-based engagements, industry analysis and case studies, the highly anticipated book not only explains the benefits and risks, the tools and techniques, but also provides a step-by-step program for how companies can become truly Big Social Mobile.

Case Studies from

Starbucks, Amazon, Dunkin’ Donuts, PR Newswire, Facebook, Triple-A, Comedy Central, Yahoo, Verizon, United Airlines, Wal-Mart, National Oil, Seattle City Light, FujiFilm USA, Secret, Giant Eagle, Symbolics, WhoIs, and MySpace

Industry features, including

Retail, Finance, Software, Energy, Insurance, Photography & Imaging Consumer Goods, Deal-of-the-Day, Rental Cars, Accounting, NCAA & college basketball


 Now in its Second Edition

The Performance Power Grid

The Performance Power Grid The Proven Method to Create and Sustain Superior Organizational Performance

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The Performance Power Grid, the award-winning Enterprise Performance Management methodology that has gained traction in some of the most notable fortune 2000 companies.  Modeled after an electrical power grid, it expands EPM/BPM beyond simple dashboards, scorecards and BP&F initiatives, into the realm of creating sustainable superior organizational performance.  Called a “practical, hands-on blueprint for optimal business performance” and a “must-do,” the method presents a management model for the twenty-first century.


NJCH Book of the Year Nominee


The Decoy Artist America’s Last Hunter-Carver

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Like hunters themselves, waterfowl decoys reflect the history, the passion, and the pursuit of a way of life. True decoys are tools first, only transcending to artwork with the effectiveness of their form. As the hunter carves, pieces of him are inevitably ingrained in the wood, emanating his spirit and connecting the man to nature as no other act can.

In a story of true Americana, world-class decoy carver Vincent Giannetto III comes of age at a critical time in the history of the Delaware region. Vincent’s boyhood dream is to become a river rat, living off the land, pursuing waterfowl and surviving by his own skills. Skipping school to spend time on the river, he watches the hunter-carvers, learning the role of waterfowl decoys while struggling to make his own without guidance from these secretive men, and realizing the relationship that exists between man, wildlife, and the environment. As Vincent matures from boy to man, he yearns for a life on the river and the freedom that it brings, but living outside the norms of society has its costs. Recognized as one of the country’s most skilled artisans, Vincent has been a guest of the White House, where his work was displayed on the White House Christmas tree and subsequently placed in the Smithsonian Institute. His story is that of a man who lived his dream despite the odds. An elegy for a time now forgotten, it captures the true beauty of a uniquely American culture.