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David Giannetto interview – Good News Planet (video)

By April 4, 2015Media

goodnewsDavid Giannetto Video Interview on Good News Broadcast

David Giannetto sat down with veteran Television broadcaster Paul Sladkus for Good News Planet. The interview focused on the positive changes in the market and how they are being brought about after the emergence of consumer-controlled social media and mobile technology, and how this has forced a change in corporate behavior (corporate social responsibility) for the first time in over 400 years.

See the full interview here on Good News Planet: http://goodnewsplanet.com/big-data-part-i-of-iii/

Giannetto has long been one of the most vocal business theorists discussing the impact of capitalism on market dynamics, how it has undermined individuality and reduced the focus on quality–a view that has woven its way through his business writing since the opening pages of his first book, The Performance Power Grid.  “[The performance power grid methodology] is working to undo 400 years of bad learning,” writes Giannetto in his first book. “It is working against an economic model that undermines the very thing business need to succeed and to sustain success.  To Achieve these things, a new perspective and a new approach is required.” These concerns, and this effort, was further expanded upon by Giannetto within his third book Big Social Mobile in the context of what he calls the “corporate-consumer relationship.” While these beliefs remain subtle undertones throughout his writing, they have been seized upon by consumer advocates as one of the few realistic (even if unpopular) paths to achieve stronger corporate responsibility.

About Paul Sladkus: Sladkus was 49 years old when he founded Good News. “I started it to confront the consistent negativity in the world and media,” he says. “If we want to see a better world, then we have to shift what we are looking at.” Thus for the past 11 years, Sladkus has traveled the world bringing good news into our living rooms and our computers too. However, in most cases, he doesn’t have to go very far: the Good News comes to him as thousands of corporations, non-profits, public relations companies and individuals request that he tell their stories.  Sladkus already had significant experience before starting Good News. In the ‘70s, he worked at CBS on award winning shows such as All in the Family, Carol Burnett, Sonny and Cher and Love of Life. At PBS Channel 13 he helped create The Nature and Brain series. What’s special about Sladkus is his down-to-earth personality despite the many famous people he’s met throughout his life. Over the years he has interviewed Katie Couric, Les Paul, Michael Douglas, Ted Danson, Ted Turner, Deepak Chopra, Patch Adams, Mitch Albom, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Tiki Barber, Isabella Rossellini, Percy Heath, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Kathleen Turner, Tina Turner, Tony Bennett, America Ferrera, Pete Seeger, Danny DeVito, Ben Vereen, Elmo, Harvey McKay, Chuck Close among many others doing good for the world.