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Giannetto presents to Apex Audience – Using Layered Analytics to Drive Growth and Profitability

By October 5, 2016Interviews, Media

David Giannetto addressed the audience of Apex on how today’s leading companies are using layered analytics to drive their business. Listen or download the presentation HERE. Sign-in required by Apex to view.

Abstract: For most companies data-driven marketing is nothing more than tracking consumers who visit their website and responding with personalized email. The result is an endless stream of outbound emails, low response rates and eventual discounts. But today’s best digital operators are using a series of analysis to uncover ideal consumers and ideal behaviors that can be combined to maximize conversion rates, market basket value and customer lifetime value. Learn how analysis such as personality, like-kind, pattern and taxonomy can be layered to create a digital marketing program designed to increase market penetration, open new market segments and create a sales pipeline.

Direct Link:https://apexsystems.webex.com/ec3000/eventcenter/recording/recordAction.do?theAction=poprecord&siteurl=apexsystems&entappname=url3000&internalRecordTicket=4832534b0000000375b8bb35002ef331249a42cdace6a3f84f7c855013ba14e50065c579bc7f7829&renewticket=0&isurlact=true&format=short&rnd=4374686967&RCID=b44c184da9d7e88b531f53313c18fc4c&rID=92944612&needFilter=false&recordID=92944612&apiname=lsr.php&AT=pb&actappname=ec3000&&SP=EC&entactname=%2FnbrRecordingURL.do&actname=%2Feventcenter%2Fframe%2Fg.do%2Fg.do