We wanted the keynote to be more than just entertainment or theory; we wanted all that translated into practical terms and a plan we could get behind. David Giannetto brings that unique combination as a keynote speaker – translating deep theory into practical application.

John Pascarelli, EVP Mediacom Communications

It’s always a pleasure to hear David speak. His level of expertise and “real world” background helps him connect with any audience—and provide the kind of information they really need to know.

David Blansfield, Editor, Business Performance Management Magazine

Giannetto articulates important fundamentals that organizations must get right to excel. Namely,
senior management garners power to change when they achieve true
clarity of their situation and the need for every individual to understand
how the mission relates specifically to their role.

Stephen C. Savage, SVP Integration/Planning, Computer Associates

Giannetto brought a clarity and focus to our environment that set
us on the road to greater performance.

Lawrence Yellin, Controller, Fuji Film USA

Few speakers possess the ability to take complex theory and translate it into practical terms that will resonate with audiences, motivate managers and intrigue executives. Making the complex seem simple and relating it to our behavior in the real world is the hallmark of Giannetto’s style. By doing this, he plants the seeds of change in how we think and behave, both as individuals and groups of employees.

Rich with stories that both educate and entertain, Giannetto brings to life decades of management theory using the real-world experiences he has gained working with some of today’s biggest and best organizations. As a keynote speaker at some of the leading conferences on organizational performance, he fills an important gap on the speaker circuit – the gap where theory meets practice.

  • Integrated Social Media & Mobile Technology
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Understanding & Utilizing Big Data
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Information & Data Management
  • Strategic Execution & Employee Performance
  • Risk Management

Suggested Speaking Topics

Bridging the Digital Divide

Organizations have turned a corner and are looking for their social and mobile efforts to generate more than just community growth, increased engagement and improved sentiment. They want to know how social media, mobile technology and big data can create a tangible ROI, how they aide in the achievement of enterprise objectives and how they can used to create tangible business value. This session is designed to help an organization understand and begin to adopt the Big Social Mobile mindset where digital initiatives are integrated into each other and into the very DNA of the enterprise itself.

  • Learn how today’s best companies are becoming Big Social Mobile and what it means to your future
  • Assess your company against the 5 major steps to achieving it
  • Understand how communities can be leveraged to create tangible business results
  • Craft a strategy that uses information to create a consumer-centric organization, a consistent consumer experience and influences them to adopt behaviors that create value
  • Properly position your initiative in the minds of your executives as a strategic asset, a creator of tangible value and a guide into the new social economy

The Technology Behind Big Social Mobile

The technology behind today’s leading digital initiatives is a complex blend of enterprise analytics, customer management, transaction processing and custom databases combined with predictive marketing, internet applications, web data and consumer monitoring devices.  This session reveals the roles and responsibilities of each technology, how they tie together to form the foundation big social mobile enterprises require, and which are necessary to achieve the results your organization is seeking.

  • Learn how to plan for and implement technology that creates tangible business results with the minimum investment
  • Identify which technologies are right for your organization, and the right sequence to add them into the mix
  • Craft a strategy that uses technology to make information available throughout the enterprise, guides consumer interaction and yields the greatest ROI
  • Discover how to overcome the common barrier that prevent success
  • Learn best-practices from the big social mobile community of technology providers

Understand & Improving the Customer Experience

Today’s consumer is changing—they are becoming social consumers—highly social, highly mobile and super empowered.   This session defines today’s social consumer and reveals how organizations must properly position themselves to meet these changing needs.  This understanding and ability lies at the heart of what makes big social mobile enterprises successful.  Changing behaviors, shifting values and attitudes, and even a new perspective on appropriate and appealing corporate behavior requires organizations to adopt new techniques to understand social consumers and adapt existing methods to appeal to them.

  • Learn what drives today’s social consumer, and how to best position your organization to meet these new demands
  • Assess your organization’s ability to meet the demands of today’s social consumer—your ability to attract, satisfy and retain them
  •  Craft a strategy that will lead your organization to become not only customer-centric, but consumer-centric
  • Discover how to create a cross-channel experience that not only appeals to today’s social consumer, but allows your organization to operate more effectively and efficiently

Creating an ROI for Big, Social & Mobile Initiatives

Organizations seek one thing: tangible returns on the investment they are making to grow and engage social communities, develop and distribute mobile applications, and collect and analyze big data.  Yet many specialized practitioners within these areas have failed to meet this desire.  It isn’t a lack of effort, sincerity or desire that prevents these diverse groups from finding common ground–the vision, planning and execution required to bring them together is simply missing.  This session seeks to close that gap.

  • Understand the executive perspective, and how digital initiatives can be used to meet and even exceed their goals
  • Uncover the missing connections that prevent big data, social and mobile practitioners from helping management meet organizational goals and strategic objectives
  • Teach specialized practitioners the missing language of business and how it translates into engagement, sentiment, community growth and other measures of success common to today’s digital initiatives
  • Craft a strategy that will unify digital initiatives with your enterprise, creating not only tangible business results, but also improved teamwork, moral and execution across the entire enterprise

A Consumer's Perspective on Big Social Mobile

Designed for groups that seek to protect consumers from the modern data collection, analysis and targeting of personal information, this session speaks directly to consumers themselves.  It provides insight into how companies are using technology to understand them and influence their buying behavior, and offers advice and guidance on how they can protect themselves from these prying eyes.

  • Understand how mobile technology and social platforms are revealing personal consumer information to today’s most aggressive brands
  • Discover how consumers can protect themselves to thwart this behavior
  • Learn what a consumer’s behavior on the internet tells companies and how consumer can proactively use this information to secure discounts and negotiate additional offers
  • Learn techniques such as “showrooming,” mobile pricing & offer matching that put consumers in the drivers seat when making a purchase, and how to use a company’s social network to more effectively solve problems

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